Mexico Travel tips part 4: PV Public Transit

The area has an extensive public transit system. We are also walking distance to the center of town, the beach, Romantic Zone, and most areas of Puerto Vallarta. Almost everything is between 1/2 mile (1km) to 2.5 miles (4km) from our house. In summer it is hot and humid so walking is not always a pleasure, however other times of the year its quite nice to walk everywhere. HOWEVER, our house is located up a steep hill and walking up that hill is a major workout.


Puerto Vallarta had an extensive bus system that cover the town and the surrounding area. Just down the street from our house buses even go to Sayulita (an artist community) over an hour north. The only drawback is that all the buses are down the steep hill from us. None come up the hill.  The bus system is too extensive to go over in detail on this post.


There are taxis all over the place that you can easily flag down. Normally you won’t even need to do that since the drivers stop to ask if you want to be taken somewhere. Obviously you will need to communicate where you want to go, but the driver’s generally speak enough English to get that across. They do NOT take credit cards. However if you are going to a well known destination you can just say the name just don’t say Walmart or Soriana since there are so many of them. As in any city they might take you for a ride, but its cheap so don’t worry.


Puerto Vallarta has Uber! As is unfortunately now common everywhere else, getting an Uber to respond can be difficult.  Uber takes a large portion of their earnings so many drivers are abandoning the system. Don’t be surprised if you wait 20 minutes for a car to arrive only to have them cancel. To counter this there is another app called InDriver. The drivers and cars are not vetted like Uber, and payment is in cash. You “bid” for a ride, which means you propose a fare that they either accept, reject, or counter. With the Uber problems, people are using InDriver more. If you are in a busy area though just grab a cab. It will be a few pesos more (maybe 1 USD), but also more convenient.


When you arrive in Puerto Vallarta and you walk out the airport door you will be inundated with Taxi drivers wanting to take you somewhere (not to mention TimeShare offers). Only a single Taxi company is allowed to pick up from the airport (drop off can be from any taxi/Uber), so they charge a much higher fee. You can avoid this price gouging by walking over the pedestrian bridge at the end of the terminal to the other side of the main road. There you can get a regular Taxi or Uber for 1/3 to 1/2 the price. However, dragging luggage up and over that bridge is not fun.

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