Day 59

It was busy but fun day. Since moving here, Rob Teichman and I have stayed busy working on the house and the only exploring we have done is to Merida for supplies for the house. Today, we decided to take a tour with Yucatan Tours (Yucatan Tours and Travels) and explore some of Mexico. We started the day visiting Uxmal Mayan Ruins. Then, we visited a Chocolate Museum and took part in a Mayan Ritual to bring rain, watched a demonstration on making a Mayan chocolate drink, fed monkeys and deer. Next we visited and some swam in two cenotes (underground cave pools with crystal clear and cold water). Lastly, before returning home, we stopped at a Hotel in the Uxmal area. To get to the restaurant, we took a train and had a wonderful Mayan buffet. We are now home watching the Dallas/Tampa Bay football game, of course I am pulling for Dallas. Good night from Mexico. Love, hugs and prayers to all.