Day 85

Rob Teichman, family and friends. Friday the 13th turned out to be a great day. I went to Merida to the bank and to Home Depot. Picture One is a picture of the covers of the new septic tank. They match the tile perfectly. They finished the smooth finish of the pool shed, the roof in the master suite is coming down, the alley way to the beach is prep for concrete and the tiles. I bought two chairs but I wanted to added a little pop, so I added a white rope boarded, what do u think. Good night and sweet dreams.

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Day 74

we started the day waiting for the door man and the screen man to show up, lol. The door man showed up at 3pm and the screen man never showed up. More of the tile was laid around the pool, yay. Briana helped me do some painting to add color to the beach side of the house. The door frames started going in and according to the door man, the doors will installed by Thursday, but we are not holding our breathe . I started designing a new mirror for one of the twin bedrooms. Briana and I took a set set swim in the Gulf, a little chilling but refreshing. Tomorrow, Rob Teichman and I go to the Mexican IRS to finish getting our corporation in order. Wish us luck. Good night from Mexico and look for the good in everything and when u see bad, bypass it. Xo and 🐻 hugs

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Day 70

Day 70 Mexico: My baby girl Briana and me, she is our first visitor to Mexico. I drove to Cancun and picked her up today. We decided to mix match the small and large tiles, we both love it. The pool equipment shed is built and will double for the water fall feature. The bottom of the court yard pool is completely grouted. Bri and I are up stairs listening to the waves and filling the roof top pool up. We ended the night having dinner at that Thai restaurant here in Chelem, excellent! So I will say goodnight to you from Mexico, xoxoxoxo

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Our Logo

Thanks to Lin Teichman we have a beautiful logo for our bed and breakfast. Within a week we should have a couple room pictures ready and we will be able to finally setup our website.

BearsEnLaPlaya Logo.jpeg

Day 55

I hosted a luncheon for my neighbor’s birthday. It was practice for special events here at our B&B, we started the the luncheon with a small shrimp cocktail, a Caesar salad, crab cakes, mashed potatoes and asparagus, and ended it with a chocolate silk pie. Success! Work continues on the house and the pool. Rob was a good Samaritan, he helped a few friends with their technology. We ended the day at a birthday dinner for Cat. I made a black forest cake that was the hit of not only the party, but the entire restaurant. It was a great day. Good night from Mexico, love u all.

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Day 51

I cooked the crew lunch today, first time in three weeks due to my USA visit. I made old fashion goulash, corn, salad and garlic bread, it was a big hit. The bed rooms are being cleaned and ready for painting, hopeful by the end of next week the new custom doors will be installed. The norte that hit last night is still going strong. We decided to take the Jeep out to the open beach and found this cute little fishing marina. Reminded m

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Day 48

oday, I opened up my iPad and found this birthday card my grandkids made me, it’s my favorite gift of all. Thank you Teegan and Serenity. We went swimming today in the Gulf, it was amazing. Also, we purchased a Mexican wall hanging as a gift to each other for Christmas. I added a few more items to the tree today so at night it doesn’t just look like blue lights. The walls for the new septic have been completed and the walls of pool are receiving their first coat preparing them for the finishing coat. The last picture is of the wadding end on the pool for our customers to lounge in. I will say good night and send love, hugs and kisses to all of our family and friends.

Day 47

Today is the two month anniversary since we arrived in Mexico. I took two week away from Mexico and was in the USA for the funeral of Rob’s son Danny, may he rest in peace. We all love and miss you Danny. . After the funeral, I went to VA and spend time with my family, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday and my grandson’s birthday. So here I am back in Mexico. When I arrived last night Rob surprised me with a Christmas Tree that he erected but not yet decorated and a lighted Christmas bear for the entrance to our Villa. I will more than likely used that bear all year. The workers were there today and the bedrooms will be completely done in about a week. The pool is coming along nicely. Tonight we came to Merida to shop and Rob found a Santa mask, too cute. We had dinner and they offered a two for one special on a lemon and beer mixture with a salt rim, it was amazing. We are now at the dentist, Rob has had some tooth pain last week so after giving him antibiotics for a week, he is here to rechecked the tooth. Love to all and good night from Mexico

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We decorated our blue and silver Christmas Tree and also here is a picture of our Christmas Bear.

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Day 45

It was a productive day. Started the day cooking stuff eggplants and sharing them my neighbors, washed a load of laundry and went shopping in Merida for Mexico’s black Friday sale. I purchased a new fridge and washer/dryer combo. Tomorrow, I will return to purchase a new stove. More on the water purification system went in along with the water softener system. The structures we found in the extended pool area turn out to be a Well that was used to drain the old pool so it was made shorter so that now it will be under the new pool. The other structure seems to be an old septic tank so it will be eliminated. They started putting in the bathroom fixtures. Good night from Mexico. May u all have a wonderful weekend. Tell someone today how much u love them, u never know it if will be your last chance or not.

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