Day 38

Started the day this morning at 6:30 with the video door bell ringing with a delivery of more rocks for the pool outer walls. I love having my morning Beverage and seeing the small fishing boats from the village passing bye. About 7:30 am my neighbors yell over and said look there is a school of dolphins playing and jumping in the water. Amazing. The work is progressing in all the rooms. Rob Teichman and I are well pleased. All the doors and cabinets for kitchen are being customized. They will be installed the first week of December. Good night from Mexico. This is a picture of the doors for the kitchen cabinets. The doors for the bedroom will look the same with solid back and the bathroom doors will have glass backing. So nice

Family Tragedy

We had a family tragedy on November 10, 2016 so I am catching up on the posts only now. Thus activity from November 10th to December 10th won’t be reported with as much enthusiasm or detail as they were before. Sorry

Day 35

We are at an Election day party. The funny part is the the Mexicans attending seem to be more interested than the expats. Please read the captions on each pic. Have a great night and know that according to Roman’s 8:28, All things work together for good, look for the good. Goodnight

Day 34

Things are progressing nicely. This is the pool. They started putting the tile accent walls up in the bedrooms. . Rob spend the day in Merida and finally got permanent plates for the car. And lastly, I made Stuffed eggplant for dinner. Good night from Mexico.

Day 33

Started the with a few projects. Rob Teichman installed a cell repeater that I enhanced our phone reception inside the house, he was a happy man. I did a few loads of laundry, but up another ceiling fan. We had lunch with our friends and then a trip to Progreso for a little shopping. It was a nice having the house all to ourselves without the noise of all the workers but tomorrow they will be back. We must stay on target. Rob leaves for Portland on the 16th for 8 days. Anyone want to come stay with me during that time. Good night from Mexico, love to our kids and grandkids, friends and family. Have a great week. Hugs

Day 32

Rob is in heaven, his cappuccino machine arrived. Our new friends Carl and Romel have been helping us with with our transition. Romel speaks fluent Spanish and English. Enjoy life and always look for the good. Goodnight

Day 31

It’s so busy here and so many projects being done all at the same time. Today we paid our first electric bill. OMG, what a hassle. We have a card that we have to swipe over the meter twice, the first time it reads the meter and turns off the power, the second time it reconnects the power and bills us. Then we have to take the card to the electric company and pay the bill by swiping the card, next we return home, for two more swipes, the first thanking us for our payment and turns off the power for the second time, the second swipe reconnects the power and resets the system for another month, if this process is not completed by the 10th of each month, the electric is turned off. Lol. But a little price to pay for the peace of mind and living here. Good night from Mexico. I hope u all enjoy your weekend.

Day 30

We picked up our new beach toy today, a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. So in love with it. The tile we picked out for the accent walls in the bedrooms and the bathrooms arrived today. They started to put the finishing coat to the cement closets and pour the bed night shelves. There is now hot and cold water to all the bathrooms and the kitchen. I must say how appreciative I am to all our new friends here and how supportive and helpful they have been with helping us transition. Good night from Mexico. My prayer for each and everyone of you is that you never stop dreaming until your dreams come true.

Day 29

It was a wonderful day. This is a close up picture of the pool guys getting ready to dig the new pool. The bathrooms should be completed in about two weeks. The tiles for showers will be delivered in a couple of days. We are reworking the esplanades to save our beach. Life is good. I will say goodnight and send you all hugs.

Day 28

It was an extremely busy day. We started with a simple breakfast, one of Rob’s favorites, coca puffs. Lol. Next we went to Merida to meet the Kia guy and went the pick up temporary tags for the car. After that we went to Progreso to the immigration office to get proof we live here so in a few days we can get the official tags for the car. I fixed a salad for lunch, picture below. At five, we returned to Merida to pick up our new Kia Sportage, Rob was give a bottle of wine with his name on it, and finally after 28 days drove our new car. We stopped at a Brazilian Steak house to celebrate and it only cost 17 USA a person with drinks, what a deal. Good night to all.