Day 47

Today is the two month anniversary since we arrived in Mexico. I took two week away from Mexico and was in the USA for the funeral of Rob’s son Danny, may he rest in peace. We all love and miss you Danny. . After the funeral, I went to VA and spend time with my family, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday and my grandson’s birthday. So here I am back in Mexico. When I arrived last night Rob surprised me with a Christmas Tree that he erected but not yet decorated and a lighted Christmas bear for the entrance to our Villa. I will more than likely used that bear all year. The workers were there today and the bedrooms will be completely done in about a week. The pool is coming along nicely. Tonight we came to Merida to shop and Rob found a Santa mask, too cute. We had dinner and they offered a two for one special on a lemon and beer mixture with a salt rim, it was amazing. We are now at the dentist, Rob has had some tooth pain last week so after giving him antibiotics for a week, he is here to rechecked the tooth. Love to all and good night from Mexico

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We decorated our blue and silver Christmas Tree and also here is a picture of our Christmas Bear.

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