Day 31

It’s so busy here and so many projects being done all at the same time. Today we paid our first electric bill. OMG, what a hassle. We have a card that we have to swipe over the meter twice, the first time it reads the meter and turns off the power, the second time it reconnects the power and bills us. Then we have to take the card to the electric company and pay the bill by swiping the card, next we return home, for two more swipes, the first thanking us for our payment and turns off the power for the second time, the second swipe reconnects the power and resets the system for another month, if this process is not completed by the 10th of each month, the electric is turned off. Lol. But a little price to pay for the peace of mind and living here. Good night from Mexico. I hope u all enjoy your weekend.

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