Roy’s Facebook Posts (part II)

Day 15 Mexico. Rob had to be in Merida most of the day. So here are pictures from my day. . Sending love and hugs to our family. Good night.


Day 16 Mexico. It was a great day, a little laid back, but ok. The plumbers and electricians was here today, yay. We went shopping and found some food items that I really wanted, I know, I am spoiled. Lol. We were invited to a neighbor’s house for dinner who also invited other friends, so we are making a lot of new friends. BTW, the food was amazing. We love it here but we really miss out friends both on the east and west coast of USA. To our seven kids and two grandkids, we love and miss you more than words can say. Goodnight from Mexico. Hugs, luv and prayers

Sorry guys, I am a day late, Day 17 Mexico. This is a view from our living area. I want you to see that even though the water is over 30 feet from the house, setting inside it looks like we are on a cruise ship, I love it. We are tearing out the round pool in the court yard and adding a rectangle one with more features for the enjoyment of our guests. They start Monday, yay. The workers finished up replacing the electrical wiring and it looks fabulous, I should have taken before and after pictures. Well I am wishing you all a blessed and happy weekend. Hugs from Mexico


Day 18 Mexico. Today all the materials for the water system update arrived. The water softener, the pressurized water system, and the ultraviolet purification system. So excited to have it all installed. We drove to Merida to shop for tiles, loads of fun. We had dinner at Friday’s, a little taste of America. We love and miss you all but not one regret for our decision to move here. Good night from Mexico, love and hugs.


Day 19 Mexico. Started the day early with a wasted trip to Merida, we were told about a great bath store, but on our arrival, it was closed. Came home and started draining the pool for demolition tomorrow. I had a Mayan massage today. It was very different but very enjoyable. It started with air cleaning and then I was brushed with, gently beat with a bundle of herbs, it actually felt good, Iike love taps. Lol. Rob and I had a quiet evening and dinner, I made a creamy spinach, mushroom and garlic shrimp pasta, yummy. It’s time to say good night, love hugs and prayers for a great week. Xoxoxoxo

Day 20 Mexico. Pool demolition started. These guys are amazing, three guys, one small jack hammer and one sledgehammer and regular hammers. They worked all day for less than 20 USA dollars a day. The contractor is in the white and brown stripe shirt. He was showing them how to use a jack hammer. They said the pool will be completed by the middle to end of December. Life here is amazing. I love and miss you all. Good night from Mexico.


Day 21 Mexico. I started the day watching the sun rise. It was amazing. The workers showed up early. Read the captions on the following pictures. Good night to all. Hugs


Day 22 Mexico. I put up out side lighting today that are on sensors. They look amazing. I have finished hanging ceiling fans in two bedrooms and their bathrooms. Tonight, we bought our first piece of Mexican art work. It’s fun! All the workers were here today, the pool guys, the crew working on the renovations and the plumber. It’s slowly but surely coming together. On November 3rd our electronic gate will be installed and in preparation for that Rob Teichman installed a video intercom that will also electronically open the gate. My man loved his toys. I will say good night and encourage you all to never give up o your dreams, they do come true. Hugs

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Day 23 Mexico: I’m so excited: this is the tile that is through out the entire house. In the two bedrooms that we had to remove the cement beds, the tile has to be replaced in those places and we were afraid that we would have to find a new pattern and replace all the tiles in those rooms, however on this 23rd day in Mexico, we found the same tile. YAY!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we are supposed to receive our resident cards and that will make life here a little easier. Life is good. Good night from Mexico and have a great Friday.

Duane Roy Bickford's photo.
'The beds being removed.'
Day 24 Mexico: We are starting to rebuild the bedrooms, this will be a King size bed. The vanities for the bathrooms arrived today and toilets will arrive tomorrow. I have step by step pictures of the bed being created. . Also today the pipe for hot water was ran to the kitchen. There is also a picture of our resident card here that now make us legal residence recognized by the Mexican government. The last couple of pics are of our small roof top pool. Now that the court yard pool is being renovated, we decided to use the pool on the roof top. IThe last pic is of the outside lighting that I installed on a Wednesday. I miss you all and can’t wait for u all to visit us. Love and kisses and good night from Mexico. 🐻🙂

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