Roy’s facebook posts (part I)

Day Five Mexico. We spent our first night in the house last night and waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore was amazing. We had our coffee and breakfast on the back patio and yes I cooked. Shortly thereafter, we headed to Merida and did Home Depot, Costco and Walmart, BTW we had lunch at Friday’s where I ran into both Steelers and Patriots fans, go figure. After a day of shopping, we returned to Chelem and found a little restaurant /bar that had the Cowboys game on and we won and BTW we are number one right now in the East Division of the NFL. We have now been relaxing, having a beer and listening to the waves. However we have been rethinking the layout of the rooms and think we have come up with some great ideas. Yay! Sending out love to our seven kids, two grandkids and of course other family and friends. Hugs and good night. Xo

Back in the kitchen again. After living in a basement in NYC without a kitchen while renovating Rob’s mom’s house for two months, it is nice to have a kitchen again. This was lunch today, home made salmon patties over romaine with fresh cucumbers and avocados topped with grilled asparagus. I added a few croutons and dressing, yummy.


Ending day six Mexico. It was a productive day, first I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, cooking only enough and not too much. I then did a few projects, I changed out a ceiling fan, this is the before picture and I also replaced the faucet in the kitchen only to discover, we don’t have hot water there, lol. Lunch was home made salmon cakes and a fresh salad. After lunch we headed into the city, Walmart and Home Depot. For dinner tonight I fixed shrimp scampi and grilled asparagus. First time in two months I got to cook all three meals. Loving it, just saying. Overall a great day. Good night from Mexico. Hugs


The sun has gone down on day seven of Mexico. Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday known as the day of atonement. As a good spouse of a Jew, before leaving the USA, I bought Matzo ball mix to bring with me so I made, or tried to make my mother in law, Betty Teichman (‘s) famous Matzo ball soup, Rob said it was very good, yay. Along with it, I served cucumber and onion salad. We wish you all a great Yom Kippur. Today, I replaced another ceiling fan so now we have a matching pair on the porch facing the court yard pool. Yesterday the Internet company was supposed to show up and cancelled, said he would be here today, cancelled again, so hopefully, day three will be a charmer and he will be here tomorrow. We have been using data roaming on our phones to stay connected, this morning as we watch a cruise ship sail into the Port of Progreso, we lost service and did not get it back until it left Port, lol. I guess all the tourists were using their phones. Heading to bed soon but I want to send our love out especially to our kids and grandkids and all our friends. Hugs and good night from Mexico.


Day 8 Mexico: Betty Teichman do recognize this mezuza! It was on Robs door in NYC, covered with paint. I hide it in my suitcase, brought it from NYC, clean it up and surprised Rob. He love it. Rob had to return the rental car to Cancun so it was an all day trip for him. I stayed home to meet the Internet company and now we have Internet, yay. There is a local restaurant called the Bull Pen where all the American and Canadian gather for dinner. We chose to join them tonight, the food was amazing and the conversation great. Good night from Mexico. Hugs


Day 9 Mexico. The weather today has been amazing, a nice breeze flowing from the Gulf of Mexico keeping us cool. I put up another ceiling fan over the dinning room table. Also, I got to speak to Papa Llewellyn and Janiece Paulson, that made my day. Now that we have Internet, we can now use our Roku that Rob programed in USA before moving here. Good night from Mexico and love to all.


Day 10 Mexico : We started the day with a quiet breakfast. I started taking tiles out one one the bathrooms while Rob was working for his company in Portland. Just before lunch we headed to Merida for some shopping needs. We had a amazing lunch and did our shopping. The contractor picked us and we designed the new court side pool and gates for the house. I fixed dinner, grilled pork chops, rice and steamed cabbage, yum. We watched a little TV and now ready for bed. Good night, xoxoxoxo

Day 11 Mexico. This is the full moon looking through the a restaurant we had dinner in tonight. I replaced all the high hats can lights on the back patio. Spend time with new friends and spend time in Progreso. Life here in Mexico is amazing. I met some southern boys today and they coming over for dinner tomorrow, I will be making shrimp and grits, yummy. Good night family and friends. Hugs


Day 12 Mexico, all I can say is it’s amazing. Dinner with new friends. Shopping and food, doesn’t get better than this. Good night

Day 13 Mexico. Finally some professional work is getting done on the house today. The air conditioning men where here today, we are moving the units to the roof and out of sight. Also plumbers were here as well working on the city water line and the water cistern. I painted the chairs around the back table, they are great chairs, they were just weathered beaten, they look new again. We where finally able to make application for a bank account here in Mexico and it should be finalized before this weekend. Yay. We drove to Progreso this evening (15 miles away). Progreso is a port where cruise ships land for a day. We had dinner on the board walk at a restaurant name, “Crabster” BTW, great food. Well good night all from the Mexico. PS, I hope I am not boring you with my posts. Hugs, Love and Prayers.

Day 14 Mexico. It was a quiet day until about 8pm. We were having dinner at the Bull Pen and Wade Yachats and his partner walk in and we are having a lovely conversation and the the electricity goes out for the whole city, candles come out and all I can think about is sleeping without air conditioning. Lol. As soon as we arrive home the electricity comes on, yay. We step out of the car and we hear a water fall sound, some how the over flow water line is flat on the roof and the water is over flowing, I climb on the roof, found the problem, simple fix, all is good again in our Mexico. Life is grand and I am as happy as I can be. As I always say, look for the good and over look the bad. Good night. Hugs and love from Mexico



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