About the house

The house we bought was called Las Doritas, it was owned by a prominent Mexican family from Merida, one of several houses they own on the beach. Their other beach houses are in a village a few miles to the east so they decided to sell this one. Since it was owned by a wealthy family, even though it was just used 7 weeks a year, they kept it in good shape and kept it as a home not a cottage (or camper).  The house is large with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a rooftop deck with wading pool and “palapa” (straw covered area). It sits on a fairly large property for the area, 45 feet wide and 230 feet long, so there is ample parking inside the gate. As with most houses here, the compound is walled off and there is a gate at the entrance.

Originally we planned to rent out the master bedroom which faces the ocean, but have since changed our minds and we will keep that as our room. Why shouldn’t we have the best room in the house! If things work out well we can always build new ocean facing rooms on the second floor. We decided to make the smallest room and bathroom a storage area. If we have live-in help maybe we will use it for that person. Another room in the rear that has 2 twin beds and its own bathroom will be kept as an overflow room, but its mainly intended for family. Two of the remaining rooms are identical, facing the pool and will have a king size bed. Finally the room we call the pool room, has 2 twin beds that can be made into a king. These last 3 rooms will be our main rental rooms. All rooms have ceiling fans, AC, a water cooler, a small fridge and a hammock or two.  In the bath there will be a spa shower, washlet seat toilet and a vanity.  Also the water will be purified throughout the whole house. Thus while hot and cold bottled water will be available in each room, you will be able to drink the tap water.

The common areas of the house are its main attraction. There is a large open plan living and dinning area  with walls that open both to the ocean and the interior pool/courtyard. Ocean front and pool side there are covered patios, and finally a nice sand beach by the ocean. Upstairs there is a large deck with a wading pool and we will be installing a bar and powder room up there as well. It’s a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset from.

While all rooms have air conditioning, the ocean breezes keep the house cool even on the hottest day. While the house is bright, there is no direct sunshine so it keeps the place cool.


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